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Category:Nature & Places, Video Games
Tags:bears, barking, short and sweet, rust, Death Grips
Submitted:Sudan no1
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infinite zest
Face Tat's a great album, but I never really liked Deathgrips. But I like whatever this is.
this is Exmilitary

I have to say, aside from BioShock Infinite, the survival games have been the most interesting game genre I've seen emerge in the past 10-15 years.

Opening up DayZ for the first time and thinking "what the hell this? where are the controls? what do I do?" then running around for a bit and slowly figuring out how to survive was just ....

ARK: Survival Evolved also gave me that similar feeling. Building a log hut and hoping I didn't get eaten by a huge dinosaur after I logged off was just too much fun.

I predict in 2016, the VR headsets are going to change everything once again but I tip my fedora to the survival games.
They get old. Fast.

7 days to die was okay because it had a structural integrity system for building and even walking on certain things can cause it to collapse if it isn't braced.

Then the update 12 ruined the entire game. Rust/etc are ok to watch videos of but I don't recommend playing them. You've seen probably the most interesting thing that will ever happen in this game right in front of you when you clicked this video.

dupe, but the previous submitter is worthless so this one gets the stars
i'd say i were worth ten of you but that's still zero

hey sudan what's the url prefix to ignore duplicates, again?
because you're clearly exploiting it

Is this what winning looks like ?
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