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Desc:Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, BC
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Sports
Tags:canada, helicopter, Gondola, Skiing
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Comment count is 6
The dirty poors lower on the mountain had to wait for the lifts to be fixed
infinite zest
I live by a gondola that doesn't really serve a function except reduce traffic for people working at the VA hospital on top of a hill, so I'm not one to judge since I've never skiied with one, but gondola just seems so much more impractical than chairlift. It's like putting your bike on a bus.

infinite zest
I read the title as "Helicopter Rescue from Gorilla"
Maggot Brain
I got "Helicopter Rescue (scene) from (the movie) "Gondola."" Like this was going to be European action thriller in the same vain as "Cliffhanger."

infinite zest
The rescue guy has the same sort of smiley nature as the smiley guy in Cliffhanger though. I can't remember his name and imdb's not really helping, but smiley guy. That movie was NC17? The fuck?

infinite zest
Oh NM it was R, but originally NC17. I saw it with my parents when I was ten years old. But as always imdb's Parental Guide is great.

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