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Desc:Beatdown ensues. A Beatdown Costing Oregon 0,000
Category:Crime, Nature & Places
Tags:motorcycle, police brutality, Oregon, OSP, unmarked car
Submitted:The Mothership
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Comment count is 15
infinite zest
Yep.. that's Oregon State Troopers for ya. One time my dad was driving me from summercamp back to a recital I had that night in Portland, got pulled over for speeding and was issued a ticket so he decided to fight it, meaning driving all the way back down to Triangle Lake, which is like 150 miles from Portland, and the trooper never even showed up to the hearing, despite coming off as the meanest kind of state trooper you usually only see in movies.
Thanks to the helmet & gloves, I can't tell if this was justified or not.

Was the motorcyclist white or black?
Binro the Heretic
The cop was wrong to slam into the parked motorcycle and it was absolutely wrong of him to kick the guy, especially since it looked like the guy was in the middle of compliantly trying to lie down when the kick came.

The rider did repeatedly pass people illegally, though. He crossed the double line twice and never signaled. That doesn't excuse the cop at all. The excessive force is completely unjustified. Pulling the motorcycle over was called for, though.
infinite zest
Yeah it's all too common to see cyclists pulling shit like this, riding not only into the middle of the lane but also the bicycle lane. This actually occurred back in Aug of 2012, which means a lot of bicyclists on long treks because the rain's coming soon.

is there feliway for cops so that they can deal with the adrenaline high of the pursuit
Servin' and protectin'
Robin Kestrel
I'll say one thing for LEO's: most are very good at turning situations in which someone could have been hurt into situations where someone gets hurt.
Love & Vomit
http://registerguard.com/rg/news/local/33955359-75/federal-jury-ru les-in-favor-of-speeding-motorcyclist-against-oregon-state-police- trooper.html.csp

Edwards acknowledged in his testimony that Wilkens had begun to comply with his commands when he landed the kick, but said he was unable to stop the kick because he “already had the muscles fired” in his right leg.
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The Mothership
Remove the spaces in the URL.

infinite zest
I've kinda gotten used to the spaces at this point, but it would be good if we got in the habit of using Tinyurl again; it only takes about 30 more seconds really. As for Homie, u alright G?

I did remove the spaces. That is what I got.

infinite zest
Whoops I thought Mothership was replying to Love&Vomit. I didn't know what yours was supposed to be, but the longer I look at it, it's very hypnotizing.

I wonder who he's kicking from 30 years ago.
Holy shit, he looks exactly like the asshole cop even the other cops hated from Super Troopers.
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