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Desc:RIP Abe Vigoda
Category:Humor, Stunts
Tags:Good Burger, abe vigoda
Submitted:Caminante Nocturno
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No one is safe.

On a related note, this is airing tomorrow on one of the HBO channels.
infinite zest
This was years and years ago, but I think the whole movie was submitted on here and I thought it was something that I'd turn off within a minute or two, like "hey remember the 90s?" but I turned out watching the whole thing and it's actually a really good movie for what it is. Abe's particularly great if I recall.

Even though people thought you were dead since before I was born for some reason, goodbye Abe.

I got a lot of shit for liking this film, but I think it's gaining more appreciation with age. I compare the humor of this to Peewee's Big Adventure, where you have a normal world, just with a few cartoonish characters and aspects. Kurt is my favorite character. He's very under appreciated.

This movie was a pleasant surprise.

It's not as good as Pootie Tang should have been but it's better than what Pootie Tang was (except for the first 5 minutes and Wanda Sykes of course).

Actually that's maybe a bit of an overstatement, Pootie Tang is a pretty high bar to reach. But Good Burger was way better than I expected.

The Wash was actually pretty decent too, it turns out. Not amazing but I was entertained.

infinite zest
I really wanted to like Pootie Tang, since I loved him on the Chris Rock show, but trying to make a PG13 movie out of the character seemed pretty lame. But Good Burger was surprising because it said a couple of words that you'd never hear on Nickelodeon.

The Wash is great, as is How High and The Ladies Man though.

John Holmes Motherfucker
the punch-line...

Abe too? Fuck this shit fucking month.
Taken before his time. :(
Who is this guy? Kel?
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