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blue vein steel - 2016-02-01

Always my favorite of the original WB Looney Tunes directors (among Jones, Freleng, Avery and Clampet). Only 4 though because this clip lacked 2 of his original characters, Foghorn Leghorn and the Tasmanian Devil.

Rafiki - 2016-02-01

Oh my god, the moment at 0:46 where Bugs raises his hand and smears it against Elmer's face as a sneaky dick move. Jawdropping in its subtlety and attention to detail. Jesus, the old WB animation was the best.

cognitivedissonance - 2016-02-02

Bob McKimson was a tall, incredibly sexy, well-connected, wealthy, blonde artist who never intended to be in cartoons. He was literally just fantastic at whatever he put his hand to, and his aunt happened to be dating Leon Schlesinger. When television started up, McKimson cheerfully jumped ship to puppetry because he was a flexible guy with a love of invention.

Chuck Jones, meanwhile, was a short, nerdy, awkward, neurotic weirdo that had difficulty staying within studio limitations, frequently delivered over-budget or late, and was generally disliked by his superiors. He HATED Bob McKimson, and held a grudge against him clear until his death. Jones' autobiography doesn't even mention McKimson.

Rangoon - 2016-02-02

Actually, you're thinking of Bob CLAMPETT, CD...

cognitivedissonance - 2016-02-02


So sorry!

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