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Desc:So apparently this kid stole 0 from somebody, then sent them this video. I dunno...
Category:Crime, Stunts
Tags:cursing, swearing, youtube, scam, theft
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Comment count is 11
The Mothership
So surely this little swot is in for it? Please advise, internet police.
He's zero cool.
remember to floss
That guy
This is the kid who either has never been beaten up, or gets beaten up every day by his dad. There's no in between.
so much cute little hate
Robin Kestrel
Needs more context.
I originally saw this clip in another youtube video about youtube scams and copyright claim abuse, but I can't find that video now, and I don't remember where it was.

Robin, we live in a society in which theft is both immoral and illegal.

Monkey Napoleon
I would guess he's talking about CS:GO, which has a gambling system built in based on weapon skins. When he says he scammed 0, I assume he means he tricked someone into giving him knife skins "worth" 0.

It's a thing.

Robin Kestrel
I don't understand the world any more.

I found this more terrifying than any other video on this site in the past five years.
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