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Desc:pit of ultimate darkness week
Category:General Station
Tags:fangs, drewster, ice cream man, pit of ultimate darkness, big book of british smiles
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2 gauge shotgun
Comment count is 14
language barriers
Void 71
Quasimodo playing the role of Charles Laughton.
welp i'm on board
That guy
Is the Pit of Ultimate Darkness what they found in the ice cream man's house? And if so, was it some sort of torture oubliette, or just an old d&d module?
Pit of Ultimate Dark Chocolateness is the best flavor.

Give this man a page in The Big Book of British Smiles.
poor jiminy glick
Why are his top teeth so horrible but his bottom ones so nice?
Maybe he's only half English.

OZ, that's quality stuff right there.

Almost too good..

Are you pilfering jokes from Brian Harrod?

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Maybe he's got half a set of dentures.

So you've decided to keep submitting his videos after all, Mr Yogarfield?

That's good. Drewster is awesome.
I mean, could you pass up this title / preload?

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