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Desc:sandy hook shooter brings it in AMC theater arcade. youtube comments go some especially weird places
Category:General Station
Tags:autism, hero, dance dance revolution, sandy hook, Adam Lanza
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Comment count is 20
Smooth criminal.
He was going to shoot up the theater but, like most mass shooters, couldn't resist a DDR machine. They need to put one at the entrance of every elementary school.
Sudan no1
Yeah this is solid proof that it wasn't a false flag.

A lot of the police interviews mention his love of DDR. He was known to play it for seriously 4-8 hours at a time.
Oscar Wildcat
We now know the answer to that old question about whether video games can lead to violent behavior. I've always been suspicious of people who like to dance, now I can back the claim up with evidence.

infinite zest
I used to be pretty serious about DDR, had a metal platform and everything. I got it to stay in shape but all it did was give me huge legs to the point where I couldn't get my jeans past my shins, so I sold it

those beefy legs with that masturbation arm must have thrown you off balance, jesty

infinite zest
Man, I haven't jerked off in like over a month. Tell me sexy stories📐

Not surprisingly, since Adam was found to enjoy videogames, there was a lot of non-ironic talk regarding their potential link to violence shortly after the shooting. Thankfully it never really went anywhere... just like talk of any meaningful gun control.

That guy
I am not letting "my legs got too buff for my skinny jeans, so I stopped" go without comment. That is 5 or 1 territory.

501 territory?

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
He would have fit in nicely here had he not done it.
There were still in-use DDR machines in 2012?
I smell a conspiracy! To the Conspiracy Machine!

infinite zest
They're still at most arcades in malls and stuff, at least out west..


This was in a movie theater.

Obviously known for having the most up-to-date games.

Making fun of adam lanza dancing with bonus making fun of a fat guy. Making everybody around adam lanza was just a total cunt?

ba boom ba boodita boomp da doodita boomp.

its indicative of a clearer segment of the Culture Wars (as history will look back upon it as)

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