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Desc:Swimming is weak, brutal fish Walk up waterfalls.
Category:Science & Technology, Sports
Tags:Thailand, blind, cavefish, Cryptotora thamicola
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Comment count is 6
This is why the blind cave bear is no longer with us.
"Really cool fish but at the same time all she's says is "evolution". Bull crap. You can't prove it ever happened because you, nor anyone else, were there to see it. Especially since evolution is only a theory. Sigh... These people man."

Thaaaaaaanks youtube comments.
Truly, Allah's creation is most wonderful!
Man, I was all set to make fun of her enthusiasm & how "interesting" she finds these fish, but you know what? She's right. They *are* interesting, and now I want to know more.

Curse you, random Biologist-type person!
American Standard
I love excited scientists.
What an amazing world Jesus left for us.
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