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Desc:'the famous egg laying (Oviopostor) dildo made by PrimalHardwere and a guide on how it's used'
Category:Science & Technology, Stunts
Tags:dildo, alien, gelatin, Splorch, Oviopostor
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Comment count is 19
I wish this had been upvoted to the front yesterday.

Truly the ultimate in Easter egg hunts.

Born in the RSR
Orthodox Easter is on the first of may. I can get you in ,bro.

so there is this new thing called patreon which is basically financial domination streamlined with social fundraising where this woman has 170 people paying her 5 a month, camwhores are AMAZING entrepeens which begs the question why they have not been targeted more aggressively by the Beta Male movement

im thinking there are probably a lot of alien suit sex parties in silicon valley, i went to Dragoncon once and participated in a "Krangbang" myself once...
Patronage is 5000 years old.

There's this new thing called sobriety...

"beta male movement"

i got that term from the Baffler article about the Frog or whatever that OZrk directed me to

I assume by "krangbang" you mean something like

When Firefox popped up the "save or load" box on OZ's link, I felt a deep sense of dread.

I was so right.

Five stars!

It tells me the file is corrupt.


holy FUCK that has a strong third act

For those who can't view it, here's the in depth Harvard Crimson review from back when it was first released (i.e. when the people who made it uploaded it to Harvard's public FTP 13 years ago):

http://www.thecrimson.com/article/2003/2/13/michelangelo-is-in deed-a-party-dude/

I watched this in action on a dude on Xtube. It was very lonely.
Sudan no1
Soon the eggs will hatch and he won't be so lonely any more.

Link or it didn't happen.

Hey, I just watched TMNT porn, all bets are off, okay?

That guy
why is this existing
Necessity is the mother of invention.

I'm being a nit-picker, I know, but I think an organism that laid its eggs inside another organism would most likely have spherical eggs, not elliptical ones. Then again, people expect an egg to look a certain way, don't they.
Ughh....Jesus Christ *****

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