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Desc:The whole thing, watch it while it lasts
Category:Classic Movies, Arts
Tags:80s, new york, frank zappa, terry bozzio, bruce bickford
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Comment count is 12
I kind of want to download it but 360p with audio sync issues... I think I'll torrent it since I don't think I have the whole thing yet.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
You might be interested in this OZ

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Never mind you're probably already aware of it :D

Well, I wasn't, but I'm glad you mentioned it, gave them some money.

geez, Alex Winter looks old though

Not aware, I liked him a lot in high school but I don't really follow Zappa fandom or anything. Thanks for sharing!

I remember a few years after he died his family wasselling off a bunch of stuff from Joe's Garage (his rehearsal space) on their web site. I was so close to being able to get a Zappa-owned Casio FZ-1 but decided it wasn't worth 0 for a Casio, Zappa owned or not. It wasn't until years later I learned what an FZ-1 was and that it would have been a pretty good price even without the Zappa connection. Probably used on the '88 tour, too.

Oh if I was only wealthy and timely enough to get that Zappa cappuccino machine!

Whoa! The claymation part around an 90 minutes in is amazing.
Bruce Bickford, stop-motion animator extraordinaire.
Zappa was a big patron.

As far as I know Zappa basically kept him on retainer for at least 10 years, just payed him a salary to do whatever he wanted on the condition that Zappa got to release it.

Oscar Wildcat
Oh boy, are you ever in for a treat. Go torrent a copy of his opus, "The Amazing Mr. Bickford". Better still, score a copy of "Monster Road" ( pay for that one, you bastard ). It's a brilliant documentary about the artist, and a piece of art in it's own right. In a world of frauds and clowns, Bickford is the real deal. Full stop.

Oscar Wildcat
As Zirc mentioned, Zappa was Bickford's patron in the 70's. These days he lives like a monk, in a small house his father built outside Seattle. He still makes claymation, entirely under his own power and direction. Check out "Promethesus Garden" for his latest work ( If the title alone doesn't jazz you, you need some edumacating! )

Oscar Wildcat
Erhm, Prometheus(sp!!) Fat fingers, here. I just pooped out the first title (Amazing B.) into the hopper, vote it up.

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