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Desc:Inception Begins
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Advertisements
Tags:Marvel, meh, doctor strange, competent cgi, mordo
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Comment count is 35
Have you ever had anyone by the balls? To have another mans cojones lie in the palm of your hand?

Cumberbatch wouldn't last 30 minutes.
I don't really like this wussy mushy-mouthed actor as Dr. Strange. Maybe as young Strange, but by the time anything in the comics happens, he's graying at the temples, distinguished.

I don't really like him as Sherlock Holmes, either. He would make an excellent Dr. Who.
so....who would you choose for "Mature Strange"?

(damn if that doesn't sound kinda hot...)

That guy
"You're all a bunch of fairies!" I said, just like that.

Then I went and had a good workout at Man's Country.

John Holmes Motherfucker
He's my second favorite Kahn.

Oscar Wildcat
I was surprised how much I liked this guy in that new Sherlock Holmes thing: he also seems an excellent choice for this role. What always bothered me about Dr. S. was that the idea was so terrific, but the actual strip was always a bit of a letdown. Inevitably those old comic book tropes were wheeled out, battle of good and evil, zap pow boom. So much more potential to the story.

We need Jessica Walter back as Morgan le Fay (from the 1978 "Dr Strange" movie). So does that imply Jeffrey Tambor as the Ancient One? And Will Arnett as Dr. Strange, naturally.

How many Kahn's have there been? I thought there were only two?


If the astral projections are even half as good as this, I will be happy:


Tough American Bouncer
I don't know anything about Doctor Strange and after this trailer I would like to keep it that way.
Dr. Strange was my favorite comic character when I was wee. I'm totally going to see this.
John Holmes Motherfucker
Fuck this noise. The motherfucking tail is wagging the the motherfucking dog.

I'm sick to death of fucking trailers on the internet, being analyzed and discussed a year before the movie starts. Fanboys who have been losing their shit at 90 seconds of the upcoming Ghostbusters can't possibly know what they're talking about, and while Superman V Batman wasn't a masterpiece, it was a good comic book movie that was simply ruined by the hype. I know for a fact that some of the youtube geeks who are complaining about the unlikely plot points of Superman V Batman think that the movie where Superman reverses time by flying around the earth really fast is some kind of classic.

It pisses me off that because of all these trailers, we on POETV never get to discuss a current movie after we've actually seen it.

Holy shit, Tilda Swinton looks AMAZING!
What current movies have you seen? Were any of them good? Bad?

John Holmes Motherfucker
Superman V Batman is underrated. Like Man of Steel, it suffers from Epic hero overload, but the premise is solid. If the first time humanity saw Superman, it was during a massively destructive battle with another Kryptonian, some people people would fear Superman. It's great how it begins with a more human (terrifying) perspective of the events from Man of Steel.

You can't be serious. What's wrong with traditional good natured Kansas farm boy superman? Nothing that's what.

Sexy Duck Cop
Batman v Superman Colon Dawn Of Justice was an absolute trainwreck of a movie that failed at even the most rudimentary aspects of storytelling. It wasn't just a bad comic book movie; it was a broken, jumbled mess by any standard and didn't even work as a transparent commercial for the upcoming Justice League movie.

Two Jar Slave
Another one, huh.
John Holmes Motherfucker
I also hate that every single trailer uses the same technique of fading in and out of black, punctuating each scene with booming percussion, and ending with a big swelling chord under a significant line of dialogue.

Where have you gone, Don LaFontaine? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

That guy
What's that you say, Don LaFontaine?
In A World of Mystery, One Doctor.....

Five shimmering stars of Agamotto for you, That guy.

infinite zest
Ain't no trailer til the bass drop

Doctor Strange was an ordinary surgeon.

Then, one day...

:::record scratch:::

I'm glad that they are making a competent Dr. Strange movie (anyone remember Dr. Mordred? With Jeffrey Combs!), but I'm getting really fucking exhausted with the nerd-singularity bullshit based around Cumberbatch. I mean, he's been in Star Trek, Sherlock, Hobbit, now the Marvel universe, and supposedly he will show up in a cameo somewhere in the next Star Wars. Enough is e-fucking-nough, jesus.
John Holmes Motherfucker
I like his American accent. He sounds like House.

After all the DC stuff recently, I forgot how watchable Marvel trailers look. I'll most likely check this one out.
I am cautiously optimistic about this. I really hope they don't try to explain away the magic as "advanced technology" or "psi powers".
It's weird because I always expected them to use Iron Man 3 to introduce the "supernatural" into the MCU by way of Mandarin, but then I was super disappointed that they just made his powers Extremis. So...I guess this one will introduce "magic" into the MCU.
Which opens a lot of interesting doors if they go with it.

Perhaps the Hand's use of resurrection magic in the Daredevil tv series might be the first acknowledgement of it, but this is the first proper introduction of magic.

goddammit hoary I could swear I typed it correctly

Just think, he'll live to 95 like Christopher Lee. This will be "early career" for him. He has a long, easily predictable bottoming out following by an autumn years renaissance and knighthood ahead of him.
Binro the Heretic
When discussing this trailer at work, I learned one of my coworkers can't stand Cumberbatch. She can't explain why, only that his face is "punchable."

I told her I thought he was okay, apart from his inability to say the word "penguin" properly.
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Why isn't this character's name Richard Strange is what I'd like to know.
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