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Desc:70s NYC Local TV commercial for a gay bath house
Category:Advertisements, Sports
Tags:70s, gay, new york, local TV, bath house
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Comment count is 12
Maggot Brain
I guess this is now a guitar center :(
Damn, looks like this is an auto body shop now...damn the future why can't you be cool, like the past?
whoops, west 15th street, west dammit

The Mothership
You'll come again and again.
The Mothership
goddamn I can't get over that, this is the most amazing sexual innuendo commercial since the Warrant hotline.


I think it already fully transcended innuendo around 0:18.

That guy
"Oh nice, they opened a new gym right next to my building!"
Killer Joe
At :12 the mustachioed hero is like: "Not in the lobby guys..."
Then he ducks into the conveniently located booth.
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Miss, let me assure you that I am not nasty.
Freddie Mercurys. Freddie Mercurys everywhere.

"and you'll come again, and again." lol
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