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Desc:Social media marketing is serious business. Don't ever mess around with the Piana bro.
Category:General Station
Tags:bodybuilding, steroids, expo, Rich Piana, Jason Genova
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 9
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
What is wrong (physically) with Rich Piana?? Looks like multiple things.
Void 71
His arms look like Silly Putty after you press it on the funny papers.

Disturbing? It's two athletic young men engaged in consensual slap-boxing; what's disturbing about that?

I saw the whole clip, and honestly, the only thing that disturbs me is the way certain people are trying to demean and segregate the mentally-handicapped. Piana is treating Jason like a competitor - like an equal - and Jason has every right to slap-box, regardless of any so-called "disability" he might have.
Yeah, he was being included, and that's worth a ton.
I really think this video is about the big bearded jelly bean at the end of it having some personal vendetta.

The presenter is the only horrible person in this.
That retarded man should know better than to slap a retarded man.
It's amazing how this guy builds from "there's too much aggression in the bodybuilding world" to "come at me, bro."

This video taught me that the white middle class still has too many jobs.
I mean, Rich Piana definitely is a Big Fuckin' Pussy though. I just don't understand the "come at me, bro" as Hooker put it.
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