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Desc:A song for Venus Angelic from her now estranged mother.
Category:General Station
Tags:hymn, Venus Angelic, she came from her uterus
Submitted:Macho Nacho
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Comment count is 7
Well that explains a lot.
I didn't know who/what "Venus Angelic" was until I saw this in the hopper and Googled.

Nice to know that there's still images online that can disturb me.
Something in my repressed memories tells me we watched this last night.

Is it Dutch?
This is what I imagine a Target bathroom looks like.
Robin Kestrel
Pannus Angelica, the FUPA of Angels.
I know a mom who is this crazy. It's painful to watch her warp her kid into a monster.
Monkey Napoleon
In the related videos, I found one where Venus explains why she left home. Basically, this lady seems really emotionally manipulative if not abusive. Also just crazy. She was against Venus dating a guy not because she was too young (which she was) but because she was hoping Venus would sell her virginity to a millionaire.
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