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Desc:Black Bear Lives Matter
Category:Crime, Nature & Places
Tags:Bearegory, blm, bears and cars, I EXPLAIN THE SHITTY JOKES
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if you think I'm even slightly similar to orcs, you're not paying attention

not to mention it was satire, you jackass. unless your one star was for Bort, in which case, why even make it a reply to me?

meme -- what I was aiming for (har har) was how this bear was treated with more understanding than a great many blacks are. Granted, I didn't spell it out, but I hoped people would pick up on it.


Caminante Nocturno
Punch black snouts.

Gmork, you and orcs are basically the Rarity and Applejack of this site.

I'm guessing rarity and applejack are complete opposites then? I don't keep up with children's shows.

Sort of, but it's a lot more complicated than that. They've certainly got surface differences and sometimes those surface differences keep them apart - but ultimately, they both value many of the same things, and in the end they are closer in friendship than they could ever be in hate.

I think perhaps you should try watching the episode "Simple Ways" (s04e13); meditate on the message for awhile. I bet you'd enjoy it, and learn a lot, too!

By the way, you're Rarity, he's Applejack.

That's important.

Oh, well then your analogy completely falls apart. My viewpoint is almost the polar opposite of orcs'.

Surface differences. Watch the episode; you'll understand.

No, they're not surface differences. Orcs is a horrible racist and homophobe - and try as you might to paint me with such a light, it simply isn't true.

I'm also not going to watch that children's show.

Oscar Wildcat
Just paint his rat heart cells with some light, EH, and he'll gravitate towards the MLP.

Come towards the light, Rarimork.

Here's a short clip to give you some idea of what awaits you in the land of Friendship and Smiles. Check it out, because YOU of all people would enjoy this part:


I think this video deserves some stars.
Oscar Wildcat
Imagine the claims adjuster's notes : "Back seat and trunk: ruined by bruin".

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
"We bearly got him out of there"
That pun is so unnecessary and lame and doesnt even describe what happened.. I think it elevates this video to a 5, its endearing, like something your dad would do if he made a youtube video about releasing a bear from a car.
My stars are for the very last reaction noise the car owner makes right before that pun.

I assume it's the car owner.

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