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bawbag - 2016-07-26

Fucking pigs even had the nerve to charge her with 'resisting arrest' initially.

Anaxagoras - 2016-07-27

This happened a year ago. But now that there's a video out showing the obvious misconduct, the police chief is "fast tracking" an indictment. Thanks asshole. You're only 11 months late.

If this video hadn't surfaced, the only punishment for the officer would have been the lowest level of discipline: counseling and additional training.

http://www.mystatesman.com/news/news/grand-jury-will-soon-hear -case-against-officer-in-/nr5cG/

I am so tired of this country.

Ninehells - 2016-07-27

But he still gets his performance bonus, right?

kamlem - 2016-07-27

Don't blame the poor police chief. Much like the situation currently in Australia, the poor heads of department only became aware of the footage their own departments took specifically to review incidents like this *after* it was publicly released.

Anaxagoras - 2016-07-27

Sometimes the police chiefs are brought in to fix the department, sometimes the department's dysfunction starts at the top.

You're right, though: I don't know if the police chief is to blame in this case. Point taken.

Binro the Heretic - 2016-07-27

I remember this time my family and some of our friends were hanging out at a popular swimming spot on a creek near the state line. There were a lot of other people there.

There was this one guy, a stranger to us, who had obviously been drinking heavily. He was the worst stereotype of the Southern redneck good ol' boy. We noticed him after he started yelling at a man and woman. We heard him threaten to kick the man's face in and then threaten to shoot his family. Apparently, they had confronted him after he'd made lewd remarks to their older daughter who was only sixteen.

The father quickly got his wife and children into their car. This only emboldened the drunken asshole who puffed up his chest and kept jumping in between the dad and his vehicle, constantly challenging him to fight and calling him "faggot" and "pussy" and telling the man's children what a coward their father was and how he could rape his wife and daughter and the dad would be powerless to stop him. Since the guy was stumbling drunk, the dad was able to out-maneuver him, got in the car and started to leave. The drunk kept trying to block the car, all the while screaming things like "Where you going, you little faggot cocksucker piece of shit?" while hitting and kicking the car.

Finally, the dad managed to get his family out of there. By that time, some other folks had gotten their groups together and left, too. We were pretty far from the action, but still debated leaving as well. The drunk went back to his group of friends laughing loudly and wearing a huge shit-eating grin on his face. It became obvious his friends were trying to leave and get him to go with them as well. He became angry and belligerent with them. A few of them left. Their party quickly dwindled down to one vehicle, the drunk and three other guys.

A little less than ten minutes later, a lone sheriff's deputy showed up in a cruiser. It was probably easy for the officer to spot the troublemaker since there were wide clear areas on either side of his group by that point. From what I could hear, the cop was calm and polite the whole time. He didn't approach with his sidearm drawn or even have his hand on it. One of the drunk's friends spoke to the officer while the other two tried to keep their asshole friend calm.

Unfortunately, the longer the interaction went on, the more the drunk puffed up his chest, clenched his fists and paced aggressively back and forth. However, it looked like they were finally just going to leave and that might have been the end of it except the guy who had been talking to the cop went over to drunk and said something. The drunk got angry again at that point. Apparently, his friend had asked for the keys to the car so he could drive them all out of there.

The drunk stomped over to the cop and started yelling in his face. He called the cop a cocksucker mother-fucking faggot, etc. while making motions as if he were about to charge him at any moment. The deputy kept a calm tone, kept calling the prick "sir" and did his best to de-escalate the situation. The drunk wasn't having it, though, and the deputy finally tried to get him on the ground and cuff him. Again, at no point did the officer pull a weapon of any kind. Tasers weren't in widespread use back then, but he did have a handgun, baton and pepper spray. Even while sitting on the man's back and struggling to handcuff the drunken idiot, the deputy still called him "sir" as in "Sir, please stop struggling. Sir, give me your arm. Sir, please calm down."

Somehow, probably through sheer drunken strength and dumb luck, the idiot managed to throw the deputy off. He ran to the creek and swam out to the middle where he treaded water against the current and continued calling the deputy an asshole faggot motherfucker. When it became obvious the cop was using his radio to call for backup, the asshole swam to the far shore, struggled up past the steep bank and thick bushes and hauled himself up. He stood there a few more moments calling the cop filthy names before disappearing into the woods, presumably headed for the next state over on foot. The cop didn't pull his gun to order him to stop or fire warning shots or shoot the guy to stop him from getting away.

These were the days before cellphones, so the other three guys would have been stranded had the cop not also radioed someone at the station or whatever to call a ride for them.

Yes, the drunk and his buddies were White.

Oscar Wildcat - 2016-07-27

This aspect of racism is one that always tickles me. We tend to focus on the victims of police racism, but the police themselves often are victim to their own racism.

A few years ago in this town, and old white guy set his house on fire and was walking around outside of it with a gun, threatening the neighbors. The police got the call and within a few minutes a cruiser arrived at the residence. Now, you'd think given the situation they'd wait for the backup and try to secure the scene. Nothing doing. This cat, he hops out of the cruiser and walks right up to the armed man, no weapon drawn, to talk to him. "He's an old white guy, looks just like grandpa!" the cop was thinking. That was his last thought, as the old man just shot him right then and there, and he bleed out on the street. Later there was a big ceremony, everyone was upset. "How could this possibly have happened???".

memedumpster - 2016-07-27

My father was robbed by his own extended dumbass family who stole his shit right out of his house, sold it, and didn't bother to cover up that they did it. He would go on and on about how good their parents were, and how it's a shame their kids turned out that way.

Then he'd talk about how the only solution to thieving niggers stealing to buy drugs is to kill them. Specifically, to line them up and shoot them. Or, if he was feeling merciful, kill half of them as a warning to the others.

He used to also threaten to shoot my dog, but it wasn't personal to the dog's race, it was to get at and correct me in my unacceptably defiant single digit years.

My father was probably the drunk asshole in your story, or one of the several hundred million Americans exactly like him.

I will drink bleach before I pass this shit DNA on, but that's probably all that can be done about those types of people. You wont change them, and lining them up and shooting half of them as a warning to the rest seems a bit churlish, considering their own ideology.

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