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Desc:I think people may be letting their imaginations run wild here.
Category:News & Politics, Nature & Places
Tags:cern, shiva, occult, its just a prank bro
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Comment count is 12
Seems legit!
Err... Shiva is the Alpha and Omega. Yanno. Like Jesus. Wait they sacrifice babies at the Vatican too. Nevermind.
Yog Sothoth demands it.
are we still allowed to make lovecraft references? at this point it's about as cosmically horrifying as monty python is funny

Lovecraft references are still funny when made by people who know how to actually make a reference, and not dipshits who have never read a sentence of HPL and just insert "Cthluhu" where shitty nerd culture humor is needed.

Monty Python is still funny as long as you avoid the skits that have been permanently tainted.

Dead Parrot? Can't do it.
Dennis Moore? Sure.

When you drink too much 666 wine these things tend to happen.
"If you're listening to this you are the resistance."

Pfft, that's as much bullshit as webpages saying "you have to accept cookies to use our site".
The sound must have been messed up when I first watched this, because it was completely silent and actually pretty effective. I just watched it again and the sound was OK and I heard the ACTING.

I see they're wearing their ritual Keds, the official shoe of the turning of the cosmic reality from Shiva to Shakti, the passing from awareness into pure homogenous oblivion for the repeating of the Long Cycle of death and rebirth.

Keds, for all your macroscopic eschatological comfort needs.
Space Odin
Fucking Hollywood hiring shit actors to remake "Prince of Darkness."
Literally the worst cameraman. How conveniently he freaks out at the crucial moment.

Also that is a really lame ritual. You'd think they'd have to say a bunch of prayers, have some ritual sex, or something. This looked more like a mugging.

Also that's not how you hold a knife when you want to plunge it into someone's heart!

Production values, people. Even pranks need them.
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