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chumbucket - 2016-08-15

This sits somewhere between the Newman/Kramer Michigan redemption scheme and the Dave Phillips pudding hoarding scheme (like that portrayed in Punch Drunk Love) in the late 90's.

Spit Spingola - 2016-08-15

Joke's on him they're all my ass pennies.

Chancho - 2016-08-15

Dummy doesn't realize that you can find copper pipe and wire in the walls of every building?

Raggamuffin - 2016-08-15

"I don't sit here rolling these [zinc pennies] back up. That would be a huge waste of time."

William Burns - 2016-08-15

Zinc is only 30% less valuable than copper. I think he fancies himself the Goldfinger or copper. He just loves the feel, the divine weight and smell of his pre-80's pennies.

Maggot Brain - 2016-08-16

How much of the world's copper supply is caught up in defunct currency?

William Burns - 2016-08-16

Probably way less than are tied up in electronics, water pipes and military shell casings, respectively.

gravelstudios - 2016-08-16

It is currently illegal to melt down U.S. currency for scrap. No scrap metal recycling center will take them. And it doesn't look like that's going to change any time soon. And it's not like you can just melt down pennies in the microwave oven. Any coin scrapping operation big enough to turn a profit is big enough for the government to notice. But I guess this whole thing is predicated on the idea that the government is going to disintegrate soon anyway.

RedRust - 2016-08-16

Copper bullion bars are a thing. *Some* people will pay about 7 times spot price for a cast bullion bar off of ebay.

Also, copper is the new silver, as people were melting pre-1965 quarters for their silver value. In time, we may see the same trend happening for these "worthless" zinc pennies.

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