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Desc:Carrying on the spirit of the frontiersmen of yore
Category:Educational, Nature & Places
Tags:diapers, youtube, blond boy
Submitted:Spaceman Africa
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Comment count is 10
Oscar Wildcat
Per ardua ad astra.

( Frontiermen my ass. We all know Space and his buddies sport their huggies when heading out to the ISS and point beyond. )
Boomer The Dog
I think this should be an entry in the Genius Book of World Records, longest diapered walk across a beaver dam. He might have been the first to ever do it.

Also thanks to whoever you are for fixing the video! Since the spring of this year I've had to find ways to see the video actually on Yutube, because they've shown up blank and unplayable here since then, every one.

I've been able to watch them, but between maybe March and today I couldn't fullscreen them without watching on Youtube. It showed up right after I got a video DMCAed so I thought it might be some new Youtube punishment or something.

Boomer The Dog
I came back from a trip and videos were a white square, like there should be something there, but it wasn't loading. I'd click on Original link if it was there, or if I really thought I had to see the video, I'd go to Yutube and just do a search on the title.

I still came to read, but didn't watch a lot of stuff, so I couldn't really participate, and maybe I can more now. Glad it wasn't only me!


Does a gay diaper baby shit in the woods?
The Mothership
Oregon tag?
Spaceman Africa
this is Ontario, believe it or not

The Mothership
Oh, ok. This could still be Oregon is what I'm saying.

classic POE material

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