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Desc:'Pickup artists or predator'
Category:General Station
Tags:, Buffalo Bill, Rape Face, theres a whole channel, dan cilley
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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The Mothership
If you are approached by Cilley, police advise you to just walk away and not engage him.
"Alleged Stalker Posts Videos Of Him Picking Up Women In Downtown L.A."

That's a pretty generous headline, considering he hasn't picked anyone up and probably never will.
Binro the Heretic
It's sad because I really think he's genuinely crazy, like he thinks they're flirting with him by playing "super-hard-to-get" or something. And he thinks the authorities are just being mean to him to try and keep him from talking to women.

He's never going to be "better." He's never going to be able to read people. He just can't pick up on the when he's making a woman annoyed, nervous or outright frightened, things which are blatantly obvious to most everyone who sees his videos.

I hope he doesn't hurt anyone and I hope nobody hurts him.
William Burns
He might be genuinely crazy but he's definitely a genuine asshole.

I'm not seeing the crazy here. If you watch his videos, there's an underlying note of anger in his interactions, which suggests the standard "bitches won't give me the time of day" MRA bullshit. Also, his statement that he keeps harassing women because "they won't respond to him any other way" is classic MRA.

Fuck this douchebag. The only good thing to say about him is that he hasn't gone all Elliot Rodgers. Yet.

Respect the cock!
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