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Desc:Oops, I mean the first 12 minutes of the theatrical release of the FF15 movie
Category:Video Games, Advertisements
Tags:final fantasy, The banality of modern big budget video games, who asked for this?, looks good still bad
Submitted:Killer Joe
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Born in the RSR
They tried so hard and got so far.
In honor of your comment, I sang it out loud like Brian Adams.

Wow, this is so terrible! Every time they speak I wish a monster would kill them.

Scenes of the somber heroism of men dressed like children at comic con.

We took away Japan's military. Can we make them stop doing character design too?
Don't forget story!

I... I think this looks great.
I think the velour sash on the lieutenant looks fabulous.

the rhinestone shoulder pumps on the grizzled, battle weary hero look pretty great too though. So much going on!

Kid Fenris
Yeah, even with the generic action-movie dialogue and the not-quite-right faces, this has a neat visual style. The knife-warping trick looks fun, and it carries over into the actual game.

man I hope they beat big thing

Feels like I'm watching all the cutscenes for a Halo game shoved together. Visuals are cool, design is great, magic/tech mix is unique, but it's not really much more than a FF setting you can't explore. You gotta have some kind of identifiable character traits and motivations of you're gonna try to make a bunch of battles into a film.
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