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Desc:football is back whip it out fellas!
Category:Sports, Classic TV Clips
Tags:are you ready for some football
Submitted:Jack Dalton
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Jack Dalton
Everyone: this is a Safe Space to talk about your fantasy football team.
Killer Joe
Back on poesports (I'm dating myself...) they had a reverse league, where you wanted the worst team you could come up with, and got bonus points if your guys got flagrant personal fouls, fines, suspensions or were charged with a crime during the season. It was the only time I cared enough to play longer than a week.
One of you computer nerds should do that again.

Jack Dalton
Hey! Is there an archive of PoE lore/ sites? I think Poe-red was pulled shortly after I starting posting her-- I remember that great Poe-News purge and subsequent emergence of Bo-News. And of course, the battle between "support" and the survivors of the Poe-News wars.

What the fuck am I talking about. Someone bring back POESPORTS.

Also-- unban JimL2.

Chet-- where the hell is Half-life 3??? You wanna be cool again? Announce it on Old Man Murray and Poetv.



That guy
I knew not to watch this.
That guy
I want to one-star this so badly.


It really walks that line between "try hard" and "just right" but it never quite crosses it.

Jack Dalton
Yeah-- it also does not need the "Americas Role Models" zinger at the end. I was scouring YouTube for a good, demented "are you ready for some football" joke, came across this, and thought "whoever made this has Poetv-worthy promise." I have not looked at his other content.
I have also been a terrible contributor to this site for over a year, but I still find myself defaulting to this place.

Yeah, that's a little too heavy handed but forgivable because the rest of it works.

Also I don't know if it's deliberate but I appreciate the cinematographic parallels to the Nine Inch Nails video for "Pinion."

Well. That was.
Jack Dalton

My line-up
A. Rodgers
C. Sims
M. Ingraham
TY Hilton
Some WR in SD
S. Vareen (bc Rashad is hurt-- I think that's his name. If it's not, I'm not the racist. You are.
Kelce, a Tight End for KC... Or maybe I will start that Atl guy...
Defense (I forgot)
Kicker (who gives a fuck)

Ware from KC/Crowell from the CLE/L. Murray (running backs I don't have room to play, but I would have...I need more WRs but none of the fuckers in my league will trade anything for my stockpile of RBs)
Crabtree, Pitta or some TE guy, P Rivers, T. Pryior from CLE bc they ain't gotta QB this week... but on second thought, if the starting QB gets injured, Pryor will play QB??? Do I get those points too?
A-Rodg is never coming back. Get a new quarterback.

Jack Dalton
True-- he has a low ceiling now, but he does not make a lot of mistakes... he could have a good game, considering how anemic his running back situation is, and the relative talent of his wide-receivers. The QB options are not good, and people will want to trade a quality QB at too high a price. Rivers is playing well, but he keeps losing people to throw at, so I might consider him down the road.

My football team:
FW- Pele
FW- Cristiano Ronaldo
FW- Gerd Müller
MF- David Beckham
MF- Zinedine Zidane
MF- Kunishige Kamamoto
D- Bobby Moore
D- John Terry
D- Paolo Maldini
D- Franz Beckenbauer
GK- Peter Schmeichel
TEAM NAME: The Fighting Mongooses

How do the Mongooses stack up?

Surprisingly accurate
Caminante Nocturno
I never imagined that Papa John's pizza could be any more unappealing, but here we are.
But now we know where the garlic sauce comes from.

I don't know what any of this means, but a lot of effort was put into it...
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