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Category:Accidents & Explosions, Stunts
Tags:country music, synthesizers, EDM, swedish people, apparently not a joke
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Comment count is 7
I'm assuming you planned to have this be on the front page right under/over the We Are Your Friends trailer, because if not, it is quite brilliant.

Also, fuck rockstar DJs.
Not so much planned as learned about this event and that trailer from the same source and submitted them right away.

Spaceman Africa
This is why the KLF burned 1 million pounds.
I had a KLF reference in the original description because I assumed this had to be some kind of deliberately KLF-like commentary about the bullshit state of commercial trance (I mean EDM, as someone elsewhere said it's the same music with different synth presets), especially in light of Bill Drummond's own history with country music. But then I read about how Avicii went on to open up an $800/night Avicii themed hotel that came with free sacks of Avicii tchotchkes when you registered, and realize that no, he is not joking or making any kind of statement at all, he's just completely living in his own celebrity fantasy world and couldn't conceive of anything he did not being perfect.

blue vein steel
to be fair, they at least made an effort with some live instrumentation, and not just some skinny 20 something standing behind a laptop and pressing play. They may not actually be plugged in, but faking a guitar and banjo is better than fake DJing.
Oh I'm sure it's 100% real, that's a real band he just got to guest with him and they're probably totally fine if you're in to that stuff (I'd be in to it if it was 40 years old, but I'm kind of cynical about contemporary "Americana" or "Alt-country" or whatever the kids these days call rich kids cosplaying as the previous generation's rural poor these days).

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