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Desc:On this episode of Pretty Good, a look at the sport of madmen.
Category:Educational, Sports
Tags:poker, Chaos, Jon Bois, pretty good, how is moneymaker a real name
Submitted:Sanest Man Alive
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Comment count is 10
That Daniel Negreanu chap puts me in mind of Henry Sugar, don't you know.
Sanest Man Alive
Negreanu's and Gus Hansen's segments were the biggest reasons I submitted this. Lady Luck isn't just fickle, she's child-eatingly insane.

It's not entirely luck. If you listen to him talk he spoke of how he had been playing poker for 40 hours a week since he was in 10th Grade, that is a long time to learn how to read people and to understand body language to the point where it can almost seem like a mystical talent.

That guy
Also, he gets to know those players. It's harder to read someone if you haven't played against them.

Sanest Man Alive
Lady Cold Reading doesn't have the same alliterative charm, that's why nobody invites her to the ball.

That guy
This kind of shit, and my hatred of casinos, and not having enough money to try to go pro....

Thank god for all that.
Find me on Poker TH, donkeys.
That guy
...chasing gutshots all day?

I chase hard eights and Unos.

The Phil Hellmuth segment is what I always assumed all pro poker players are like.
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