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Desc:inquiring minds want to know!
Category:Nature & Places, Stunts
Tags:Bigfoot, michigan, black, Sasquatch
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That guy
More cameras than ever on every cell phone and tablet, and still we don't have increased photographic evidence of Bigfoot. Plenty of evidence of cops shooting blacks for no good reason, though.

Conclusion: Bigfoot is a racist cop.
I have heard conflicting claims about this. Could you cite some evidence in support of your position?

Bigfoot is obviously a vampire.

I had a friend and back in the days of her adolescence in the South, she posited that bigfoot was a lost branch of caveman and that American Indians may have evolved separately from the rest of humanity, their ancestor being bigfoot.

Of course, such racist imaginings happen outside of the South, it's just funnier when you shit on us Southerners for it.

I think Mitch Hedberg was right: Maybe Bigfoot is just blurry.

I was gonna submit this, but I decided that it was too stupid for PoeTV. I guess I was wrong.

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