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Desc:Let's take a break from politics and enjoy Paris
Category:General Station
Tags:Paris, islamists, globalists, le pen
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Comment count is 12
Looks like Paris.
nicer than Birmingham


I was there 2 weeks ago, not this part of Paris though.
It was still pretty shitty. There's going to be a record of Japanese tourists with Paris syndrome this year.
So is all that talk I've heard all my life about Paris being this fab posh city where everyone who's anyone on this planet needs to go just a dank meme?

Sorta kinda...it's more that it doesn't live up to decades of romantic hype. How could it?
It's a big city with big city problems.
And extra problems like the "Jungle" atm - people trying to walk through the chunnel to England, jump on trains and cars to get out of there and to the promised land.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Dude, someone should gank that free bed.
Five for the comments. What you come to expect from poeTV, just on YouTube.
Breaking news, a major city has a street that looks like shit. If you want to properly stir the pot, I'd suggest Sweden.

Oh, gawd, that'd be a proper cluster fuck.
wtf japan
The French are perfectly capable of trashing things up this bad by themselves, you know. This is like a pigeon spotting a seagull being like "Would you look at all this shit everywhere? IT WASN'T LIKE THIS BEFORE!!"
Also worth noting is that avenue de flandres was not a makeshift refugee camp until the French government took their hardline anti-refugee stance and closed down several red cross (including the infamous 'Jungle' at Calais) and other camps.

This video has been filmed after one of the semi-regular riot cop tear gas and baton 'clearances'.

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