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Desc:At 1:10
Category:Sports, Stunts
Tags:wwe, A.J. Styles, James Ellsworth, Botches
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Comment count is 19
Chocolate Jesus
aj should drop the clash because it looks stupid, nevermind the trail of crushed necks
It's not a stupid move, it looks devastating. The people who's necks he's crushed were idiots like James Ellsworth who tucked their chins in.

Chocolate Jesus
Yeah, the people who are getting their necks crushed are tucking their heads rather than lifting, I understand that. But you tuck for most spots, even face bumps.

I'm a huge Styles mark, I just think he should finish with something more convincing.

Chocolate Jesus
his talent is being wasted in this depressing ambrose feud

Abrose is awesome. Ambrose should be champion. I hate how the smarks have turned on him.

I think if it crushes your neck, it's pretty convincing.

Chocolate Jesus
ambrose throws baby punches and sounds like a stroke victim

blue vein steel
Styles is amazing, but yes, the move sucks. Also, Ambrose rules

Did AJ Styles ever date John Cena?

For some reason, whenever I hear the name "AJ Styles", I always think "oh yeah, John Cena's girlfriend!" No idea why I do this. Any help?
You're thinking of former Divas Champion and present day wife of CM Punk A.J. Lee.

I don't see how I could confuse AJ Styles with AJ Lee. Pretty sure he's John Cena's girlfriend, man.

And anyways, why would Mr Styles name himself after AJ Lee?

blue vein steel
Styles and Cena would make a cute couple

In all seriousness, AJ Lee was my first theory, too - except I know AJ Lee. I know she's married to the best wrestler in the business who isn't a Hardy or Jericho, and Ms Punk once cosplayed as Kitana from Mortal Kombat, so fuck if a woman that fine would have anything to do with a scrub like John Cena. Did she ever have a dating angle with John Cena? Could that have really been why I think AJ Styles is his girlfriend?


That's fake.

She was probably trying to apply Kitana's famous Kiss of Death fatality on John Cena. It didn't work the first time, which is why she went and attacked him again.

blue vein steel
lol at Cena botching his ring exit and twisting his ankle

Behold the delayed power of the Kiss of Death!

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