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fedex - 2016-10-25

6:20 would give young me nightmares and therapy for years

That guy - 2016-10-25

aaaaaand 12 seconds and I'm out.

boner - 2016-10-25

great find

gravelstudios - 2016-10-25

I can't take credit poorwill discovered her.
Also, I highly recommend going on youtube and reading her video descriptions. They are almost as good as the videos themselves.

chumbucket - 2016-10-25


Ugh - 2016-10-25

i prayed




gravelstudios - 2016-10-25

all of her videos had almost no views until only a few days ago. RG Jubilee has just blown up the internet. It makes me wonder how many other amazing videos have been hiding in the dark corners of youtube for years.

fedex - 2016-10-26

24:00 seems just wrong somehow

Gmork - 2016-11-01

*rich evans voice*

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