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Desc:Hymenoptera, not suburbanites or a metal band.
Category:Science & Technology, Nature & Places
Tags:DIY, wasp, home improvement, insecticide, killing machine
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Comment count is 14
I once had a problem with wasps in my apartment and therefore I am jealous of this man and his wasp killing inventions.
Humanity's champion in the war against the wasp.
I've occasionally looked on Amazon for a remote-control fire truck that could squirt a stream of water; presumably it could also do wasp poison. Let the little fuckers do a suicide run on a toy truck, their valor will be for nothing.
I know they make little automated sprayers for keeping cats away from things, I'm sure you could just put poison in it instead. The downside is that I think the motion sensors would probably not react to something as small as a wasp.

Rather than targeting individual wasps, I was thinking more of a remote-control fire truck that could drive to within a few feet of the next, spray it with insecticide, and drive away. Sting all you want you little fuckers, it ain't gonna help.

"Nest" not "next" goddammit.

Mother Lumper
I just tethered an electric bug zapper to a pole leaned to the window a hive of yellow jackets had infested and it wiped them all out by evening.
I had yellow jackets going into a gap in the fascia of my house. After about two cans of wasp spray aimed up the hole, I started finding dead yellow jackets INSIDE the house.
Gives me the willies.
Take that, Protestants!
Binro the Heretic
What a terribly unimaginative wasp-killing device.

Frank Cauldhame would be so disappointed in you.
It's rather beautiful in its simplicity, actually.

Make wire spin really fast.

First wasp flies into it out of a combination of obliviousness/curiousity.

Rest of the wasps trigger their 'ATTACK THE INTRUDER' instincts.

Get slaughtered en mass.

Spinning wire does not get tired. Does not care for stingings.

Man wins.

Binro the Heretic
I know. It's the Jason Voorhees of wasp-killing devices.

Where's the elegance? Where's the art?

Yeah, it really needs to fill the wasps with existential despair. Like, hook it up to one of those LED shake sticks programmed to display, "YOU WILL FAIL YOUR QUEEN".

laughed at myself for how long it took me to figure out it was a giant weedwhacker (assumed it was using an attractant/electrified or something at first)

the five stars are for the last three seconds though, which should be the new "sit, ubu, sit. good dog" or "abso.. lutely"
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