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Desc:10 minutes of light and smoked sardines!
Category:General Station
Tags:toilet paper, DIY, lantern, Poetv watches people make stuff
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Comment count is 11
Sayyy.... I bet I could try this with tuna!
B. Weed
If it's not water-packed (tuna often is).

Yeah it has to have oil. Oil has properties to keep it aflame

I eat sardines here and there. I should try this out.
Robin Kestrel
That's not how you smoke something. I mean, you can make a candle out of a Brazil nut, but the result isn't a smoked nut, you know?
Okay, smoke snob. I'm sure the creator of this video knows that this isn't true smoking, but it heats up the sardines and likely gives them smokier flavor.

I imagine it just gives them a burnt oil flavor.

Also they're already smoked and taste good all on their own.

Make smoked sardines into a candle and still smoked sardines.
The Mothership
More prison knowledge?
That guy
has to be

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