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Boomer The Dog - 2016-10-29

I agree with one premise it makes, to 'leave a legacy for the generations, do something that actually matters, not just for the high score of some stupid game'.

It's mindless entertainment, but that can be said for a lot of things. You might not have a calling in life that's always top of mind or feel like you're big stuff, but if you study something and put it to use, create something with your talents, write, blog your experiences to pass along your knowledge, set examples, be there for friends and family, those are all little things that aren't so mindless.

I'm not sure how falling on the floor for your religion helps things though, I don't get that one.


EvilHomer - 2016-10-29

Rarf rarf! (barks in agreement)

Two Jar Slave - 2016-10-29

I'm fine with the majority of people not leaving a legacy. Maybe the creator of this video should have worked on increasing their APMs for a tighter Terran bio game instead of wasting our time with their bullshit.

baleen - 2016-10-29

*enters submission posture*
(you have a good point)

Kid Fenris - 2016-10-30

The idea that leisure activities are without value is a noxious remnant of the Protestant work ethic and should be torn down whenever possible.

Maggot Brain - 2016-10-30

Eh~Most people don't do anything of worth.

Gmork - 2016-10-31

High Score? Most games stopped having those about 20 years ago. Are you imagining people are whiling away their hours on Pac Man and Rampage?

EvilHomer - 2016-10-31

Actually, Gmork, there are a lot of games with "high scores". Pretty much every game with an online and/or multiplayer component has some kind of "scoring system" to help players measure themselves. Things like: ranks, global leaderboards, K/D ratios, competitive gaming brackets, achievements/ trophies, even literal scores in the oldschool sense.

For example, I'm Level 65 on MKX. I'm in the top 1500 players globally for my high score on Survivor Mode, but I'm only 20,000 or so for my Traditional Tower, and my online kompetitive match presence is virtually nill. I've got crazy good Kitana stats - or I did, back when I was still playing regularly - but my play experience is completely lopsided, and a few characters I've literally only used once. All of these stats and figures are, functionally, "high score" systems for the game. They help players globally to feel a sense of accomplishment and measure the size of their e-cocks.

Also, people still play Pacman and Rampage. There's a bar nearby stuffed with retro games, and I'm always seeing bleary-eyed Gen Xers down there, trying to outdo each other with their lifetime of well-honed giant-lizard-building-climbing skills.

Born in the RSR - 2016-10-29

I feel sorry for exorcism dude, he is clearly being forced into this craziness by his parents.

BiggerJ - 2016-10-29

I understand I'm being one of THOSE PEOPLE right now, but I'd love to see someone undergo a video-game-related exorcism and pretend to be posessed by THEM.

"Every time a number goes up... that feeling. That's me."

StanleyPain - 2016-10-29

Huh, well maybe if your generation hadn't fucked over future one out of stupidity and greed we'd have more money and free time to actually create and do shit and not be fucking wage slaves treated like walking commodities by people your age.

Also, big talk coming from people who pay no taxes and do nothing whatsoever for society besides peddle snake oil bullshit.
In essence, eat shit and die.

Kid Fenris - 2016-10-30

This just makes me sad that, as far as I know, Jack Chick never did a comic dedicated entirely to the evils of video games.

wtf japan - 2016-10-30

Say this about football and see what happens.

memedumpster - 2016-10-31

The video is gone, so who knows what it said.

Sure, gamers might use their time to do something that matters, but that's asking heroin addicts to do something besides heroin. If it seems like a good idea to you, the message is for someone else and you wont need it.

Appeal to gamers to stop whining about the gross unfair world and put down their blinky baby pacifiers to do something is useless. They are incapable of helping themselves.

Kid Fenris - 2016-10-31

Lots of mobile games use scoring systems, and that makes this video all the sillier. The proliferation of smartphones and tablets means that most of the population plays games to some extent. The congregations in these clips probably twiddle away at Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans and Valkyrie Anatomia when the preachers aren't looking.

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