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Desc:the best conspiracy theory is here feat. Marina Abramović
Category:Religious, News & Politics
Tags:Hillary Clinton, spirit cooking, Marina Abramović, satanic ritual
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Comment count is 15
This and her excellent speeches to Goldman Sachs are so far the only redeeming qualities Hillary seems to have.

Too bad I already voted.

Gloria Estela La Riva 2016!
People I know are really buying into this hard as concrete proof of Illuminati etc
Twitter is going nuts. Accusations of vile secret atrocities like this really strike a chord with the collective unconscious -- see Cleopatra, Catherine the Great, Marie Antoinette, etc.

People are still basically superstitious peasants.

I think we have finally reached that point where belief in an Illuminati / Alien Reptile Infiltration now counts as optimism.

Sanest Man Alive
"Now"? Meme, I'm surprised at you. Belief in malevolent, Machiavellian alien/demonic forces at work upon a populace has always been a staggeringly pure display of naivete, if only as a method of denying the inherent shittiness of humanity.

So, are you bringing the sperm milk this time? I already scheduled for the morning urine, just a heads up.

Oscar Wildcat
See now I can tell you haven't been duke'd in because the actual site ritual involved 100% pure wolf urine. Pleb.

Zurf how do you know these people?

just ordinary long time friends

I thought I was the altar this time.

John "Hand of Osiris" Podesta
Where can I learn more about the Moloch sacrifice? That's exactly what got King Solomon into trouble.
Never mind; I found it. Someone joked about getting out their rabbit's foot and sacrificing a chicken to Moloch in the backyard.

This is the conspiracy theory that finally got me to unfollow Wikileaks on Facebook. For a while there, I was just laughing at all the conspiratorial nonsense coming out of them daily but then they had to go all David Icke....

"Credibility? Shoot it in the face." - Julian Assange, 2016.
The Satanic Panic of the twenty-teens, I thought the 80s revival was over already?

Also good job wikileaks in no longer bothering to curate your releases.
Oh god, when I sent that mass email to Congress inviting them to a live guinea pig eating contest, I had no idea it could end up there.

I hope it leaks by Christmas!

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