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Sanest Man Alive - 2016-11-16

I've missed you, waugh. Great video, too!

By the way, might you add a "ziggurat" tag, to link to all our other ziggurat-related videos?

Waugh - 2016-11-16

thanks, sure thing

Nikon - 2016-11-16

I love everything about this.

Gmork - 2016-11-16

See? THIS is how you PoeTV.

Waugh - 2016-11-16

you couldn't curate your way out of a paper bag if i pissed on it for you

Gmork - 2016-11-17

So predictable :)

Waugh - 2016-11-17

you're a tedious cunt who hasn't expressed an original thought in his life

Gmork - 2016-11-17

You really _need_ to believe that, don't you, in order to even continue functioning? How sad.

Waugh - 2016-11-17

"ho ho i'm afraid you will find there's nothing you can say that i can't pretend to deflect. eat another one-star rating, fool!"

Gmork - 2016-11-18

"there's no poignant criticism of me I can't ignore and then fire back half-baked edginess with. Eat another olive garden reference, fool!"

Waugh - 2016-11-18

that's stupid, everybody knows you're the one who can't deal with poignancy

Waugh - 2016-11-16


Zoot42 - 2016-11-16

SirActionSlacks1 is right, however, I have to say that he missed one of the most important illuminati rituals present in this film. The scat "chanting" is none other than speaking in tongues, or "babbling"! Like the tower of Babel in MESOPOTAMIA which could have been a ZIGGURAT!


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