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Desc:If your jaw doesn't drop, then you truly are jaded
Category:Stunts, Sports
Tags:Also his balls are huge, Danny MacAskill, GoPro, bike tricks
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Comment count is 15
The Dodos want to be animal collective so bad.

Great video. This whole thing reminds me of a Trials evolution/fusion level.
I was thinking Grizzly Bear

Chocolate Jesus
Wow, what an unrepentant cocksucker.

That guy
This was almost as boring as Choco J.

but not quite
"Honey, what's that banging on the roof?"
"Oh, it's just that moron with his bike again."
"Fuck people who do things I'm incapable of! That makes me MAD GRRRRR"

Thanks GoPro for reminding us that you haven't quite gone out of business just yet.
They're really close.

Wow! This GoPro™ starring @Danny MacAskill© is #awesome!

This is one of those videos where the video production gets in the way of the bike riding skills.
my awareness has been raised
infinite zest
I wonder if the ancient architects looked at their blueprints and wondered "yes, but can you catch major air off it?"

Makes ya think, brah.
Killer Joe
I bet some group of snooty/rich people HATE this guy!
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