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Desc:German obscurity with an all-animal cast and a cheesy soundtrack.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Nature & Places
Tags:80s, germany, earworm, Horrible cartoon infinity, bad dubbing
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Maggot Brain
West Germany had no time for fancy animation. They were too busy rebuilding the country and implementing a proper constitution for any flights of fantasy.
we've seen much worse around here

Just like Filmation.

Trivia: West Germany never had a constitution. How do you do a constitution for only half of the country? They had a Grundgesetz (ground law) in the interim, and I imagine Germany has a proper constitution now.

More trivia: due to the fact that Germany as a unified nation didn't exist following WWII, the war only officially ended when Germany was reunified.

Maggot Brain

Das Grundgesetz while originally temporary it's been in place for so long now it functions the same as eine Verfassung. At this point it's semantics.

What the fuck is a-- (sees preview) Ah.
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