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baleen - 2017-01-07

So, I grew up on PCs. I enjoyed the limitless possibility of PCs and the fact that you could build your own pretty easily for a somewhat low budget and it would destroy things.

Then I got into film studies, and I started using macs. Linux-based macs are so vastly superior on the simplest of workflow that I can't believe Windows still exists. The efficiency of the RAM, the unity of design decisions across all apps (you get bet hotkeys are the same everywhere), the fact that you don't have to reboot 4-5 times a week or more if you are working with giant spreadsheets, because Excel, one of Microsoft's flagship products, is a really powerful counter-intuitive behemoth of software engineers jerking each other off. The INSTANT search function of macs across a machine. The fact that the SAME FILE can exist in many places at once using an ingenius file structure. The rapidity and ease of Time Machine. Thea beauty of the monitors, etc.

Macs by comparison are beautiful, elegant, overpriced, efficient, designed with human experience in mind, and so on.

I use both a PC, an Imac, and a macbook (which just died, which brings me to my final point).

Within the last few years, Apple has made it almost IMPOSSIBLE to do any upgrades and alternations other than RAM and with a little confidence the HD too. The whole Mac Repair Store bullshit is out of control. They are further limiting the hackability of macs and that's the exact opposite of cool. You can have your void warranted if you put in Chinese RAM and not MAC RAM. Seriously/ Fuck you. Further, macs notoriously break promises with gave devs and offer little support, which is why it's such a lonely thing being a mac gamer.

So I feel, as much as it hurts me, that I might be returning to a PC workhorse. I have no idea where to start, I don't recognize half the rigs out there these days.

Please describe to me your dream PC. You can say "just get a mac tower you idiot," and I love those things & used to work on em a lot, but man are they fucking expensive, and of course app choices are limited/always late for release/never full featured.

Spill it.



Bort - 2017-01-07

I find there is one obstacular consideration with Linux: you'd better know someone who knows Linux or else you won't be able to get things to run. This comes up in Festung Bort all too often, where someone tried to install Minecraft (or whatever) on Linux and it just ain't working. So then I have to figure out what went wrong, and straighten out the permissions or install the appropriate driver or whatever. If there weren't a me present -- who's been running Linux servers for a decade and a half now -- this would be a show-stopper.

I won't contest most of your complaints about Windows because to each his own (though if your Windows keeps crashing that often you're doing something wrong), but from what I've seen, software simply installs properly on Windows most of the time. If something didn't install right, uninstall it and install it again, and then it will work. That is much better for consumers.

As for my dream computer, I go for the cheapest one that performs the functions I need it to. And this is it:

http://www.bjs.com/asus-m32bf-desktop--amd--a8--4gb-memory--1t b-hard-drive.product.3000000000000636086

I got a few of these this year; at $250 - $280 each (depending on where the sale point was when I ordered) I was able to upgrade my aging bank of assorted Linux servers plus keep one as Windows 10. They work ... well? Well enough? I have no complaints about the performance, but then again I'm not running these as gaming computers that need photorealistic graphics. Also not very expandable: they've each got only one expansion slot but a profusion of USB ports, which should give you a sense of whom these are targeted towards.

Which is to say, I think your point is that you want to be doing high-end stuff on a PC, and this might not be the right thing for you. On the other hand, if cheap might be good enough for your purposes, this is a bargainful bargain. Also there might be someone else in these parts who just wants a PC that runs, and maybe they'll be interested.

Old_Zircon - 2017-01-07

I've had no trouble installing and using Linux but for audio there are just too many things I relay on that are Windows/MacOS only and have nothing that comes close under Linux yet. I stuck with Windows because it has been what, a decade now since any actual hardware differences between a mac and a comparably specced PC existed, and relatively recent PCs are available for free or nearly free if you live in a medium sized or bigger city and are resourceful. It's really down to OS preference at this point, and I'm pretty neutral on Windows vs. MacOS, they both have their issues but the ease of service and affordability of PCs has always won out for me.

Only reason I haven't switched to Linux for my general-use laptop is pure laziness, whenever it dies I'll make the leap with the next one (or more likely dual boot).

Xenocide - 2017-01-07

In the early 90's, Apple's slogan was "Does more, costs less."

Crazy backwards times, those were.

Cena_mark - 2017-01-07

Today computers are so powerful that it doesn't really matter. I remember 10 years ago idiots were still saying stuff like, "I need a mac, cause I'm a graphic designer, so I need to use Photoshop." A computer is a computer.
On top of that, Apple doesn't even give a shit about their home computer market anymore. It's just iphones now.

infinite zest - 2017-01-07

Yeah, I almost bought a Mac for that exact reason, and I'm really glad I didn't. Best value is to buy whatever system is deemed best for gaming = 60FPS.. Until recently I was always an Ubuntu man, but most of that was out of necessity given my shitty thrift store Frankensteins, I can't think of anything else that really set Linux apart, except for being a pain in the ass sometimes when trying to perform tasks that are simple in WIN or OS..

I was reading somewhere (or maybe it was the Steve Jobs movie what starred Magnetos) that more people tuned in to the Super Bowl to see this commercial than the game itself, and it was something like 75% of all viewers didn't know the game's outcome or even what teams were playing. I mean, people often watch or make excuses to watch the Super Bowl for all the new commercials, but that percentage is pretty mind blowing, maybe only surpassed by everybody who bought Tobal #1 for the FF7 demo, either throwing out or quickly forgetting what game they bought in order to get the demo..

StanleyPain - 2017-01-07

Directed by Ridley Scott, by the way.

infinite zest - 2017-01-08

So was 'A Good Year' but let's keep that between you and me.

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