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Desc:'...the newest meme of the upcoming new year at its purest form.'
Category:Cartoons & Animation, News & Politics
Tags:Lorax, Martin Shkreli, alt-right, this was not supposed to be a role model, social Darwinisn
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You spelled Shkreli wrong

"Social Darwinism" should be a tag, too, but there wasn't enough room

If you add the tag, it will be attached to the video even though only five tags are shown when viewing it.

This movie is so weird. Onceler is supposed to be the bad guy, but the film is clearly being underwritten by people who actually agree with him in a lot of ways, so he turns out to be fun and appealing while the Lorax comes off as a sanctimonious nag.

This is the same studio that made Minions, so the theory that they deviously did this on purpose is just as valid as the theory that they ineptly did this by accident.
That makes sense, as the minions are now right wing icons beloved by everyone's annoying right wing meme posting aunt.

I just want to point out that the Minions are shameless ripoffs of the robot minions from Mega Man Legends. Google "servbot" and tell me I'm wrong.

I always thought those were shameless ripoffs of Lego men.

I thought they were rip offs of the alien crane game toys from Toy Story.

Maggot Brain
It's a shame that this song blows. Some of these character designs are super fuckable.
Oscar Wildcat
Bite off the head, and chew on the neck stump. That's how bad ima gonna be, Mr. O. This I was created by God to do.
The Mothership
You're right, this does sound a lot like Bush era Christian rock.

People who are lucky they died before this existed:

-Dr. Seuss
They all systemically murdered each other.

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