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Quad9Damage - 2017-01-14

So cool.
But so dumb.

Broly being driven insane by a crying infant isn't a made up joke, either. That's literally the original story.

Bort - 2017-01-14

I love how these guys stay true to the original while funnying it up.

Just the way they replace Goku's "WHOOSH!" special effect with a "POP!" when he teleports is worth a star. Speaking of, the latest episode they've improved:


memedumpster - 2017-01-14

This is one of the DBZ movies I missed back in the day, what the hell were they doing at the beginning in the original, I doubt it was cat marriage.

Bobonne - 2017-01-14

It was a cherry blossoms viewing party. This is a thing they do in Japan.

Bort - 2017-01-14

One of the running jokes they've been doing for some time is, Korin and Yajirobe are a bickering, but still affectionate, couple living alone in their tower.

GravidWithHate - 2017-01-14

Plus at the start of the last abridged movie, the main cast were shopping for items from Korin and Yajirobe's gift registry. TFS is pretty deft with handling their own alt-continuity and running jokes without letting them take over.

Bort - 2017-01-14

That YouTube clip I posted a link to ... ? They insert a nice detail that helps explain the Cell Saga. We know that Android 16 is based on Dr. Gero's late son, who got killed at some point in the past. But in that video we see some footage from Gero Jr's life that suggests why Dr. Gero hates Goku so much ... and that he staged his android attacks on the anniversary. Also note the bird in the cage whose chirping you can hear throughout the footage.

Doomstein - 2017-01-14

The subtitles are gold.

Bobonne - 2017-01-14

Yeah, this. It absolutely needs to be viewed with Subtitles enabled.

GravidWithHate - 2017-01-14

You were not kidding. The jokes in the subtitles were great.

Quad9Damage - 2017-01-14

Thirded on the subtitles. I watched the entire thing twice in a row with the subtitles on for the second viewing.

This is TeamFourStar at their best. The fans have been begging for this one for years and not only did TFS deliver, their hatred for the movie really shines through all the fun they're having.

Quad9Damage - 2017-01-14

I love their casually cynical Vegeta, and how his air of indifference carries over into his Let's Plays.

Killer Joe - 2017-01-14

The slap-fight. =D

Bort - 2017-01-14

For me it's the interrogation of Cell. I don't know why it's funny but I laugh every time.

Nominal - 2017-01-14

It's amazing how much better than Ultimate Hellsing abridged episodes were than the actual show, even just counting the plot and not the jokes they added.

Anime's biggest problem is scenes that go on too long: overly long monologues, and fucking...pauses...everywhere.

Spaceman Africa - 2017-01-15

epic funny

Bort - 2017-01-16

Spaceman Africa's crib was next to one full of good taste and enjoyable personality.

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