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Desc:Check out all the other videos of senators grilling her. Holy shit this woman is horrible.
Category:News & Politics, Stunts
Tags:Senate, Al Franken, Trumps America, Betsy DeVos
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Betsy DeVry
clap clap clap

Binro the Heretic
Like every other Trump cabinet pick, her goal is to destroy the institutions she'll be in charge of.

At this point, can we just change the name of the President's Cabinet to "The Legion of Doom?"
Oh my God. I thought this video was bad. Then I watched the video of Bernie Sanders grilling her.


Holy shit I haven't wanted to punch a politician in the face this hard since Sarah Palin said Russia being close to Alaska makes her a foreign policy expert.
Four years of Rousseau skullfucking Voltaire.
Maggot Brain
What's the record for shortest term in the president's cabinet?

Charter schools are basically a scam so you'd think she'd be better at this huckster bit but no.
A hybrid of Sarah Palin and the Church Lady escaped during a lab fire.

Franken lighting it up.

Here's a highlight reel of the grilling.
Oh my. That was... something. Delicious? Disgusting? Frightening? All of the above?

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