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SolRo - 2017-01-25

I bet they wished they just got punched!

bawbag - 2017-01-25

The only time I've ever voted anime out of the hopper here, in the spirit of punch nazi faces week! :D

Maggot Brain - 2017-01-25

Who do you think is more fun to kill, Talibani or Nazis?

Bobonne - 2017-01-25

Tough to say. They're both cartoonishly evil, and both of them tend to have pretty high morale and do their best to put up a good fight, so it doesn't just feel like a one-sided stomp.

I'd imagine that Boko Haram would be in the running for #1, though, given that they've managed to inspire pretty unprecedented cooperation amongst different religious and ethnic and national groups, all coming together in peace and fraternity just to kill Boko Haram zealots.

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