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Desc:The code can be used to control other IoT devices, from any other application.
Category:Science & Technology, Video Games
Tags:man children, internet of shit, blinkenlights
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Comment count is 12
Seems like a lot of fucking around!
When you die all the lights should go out, YouTube channel closed and computer shuts down.
it it plays a Casiotone 8-bit Taps

Internet of shit, indeed!
Tag suggestions welcome by the way.
man childen


I voted for this video just so I could say that the whole internet of things -crap is a horrible, terrible idea.
Binro the Heretic

This technology has raised me not giving a shit to a whole new level!
Well, that's another thing that's totally useless that we didn't need. Thanks, tech industry.
I have a sneaking suspicion that that the billions spent by VCs funding useless garbage tech and startups, that failed anyhow because they were idiotic ideas only a handful of people would pay for, could have been used to do something stupid like feed all the poor or end homelessness in the country.
Whatarya some kinda commie?

We need extreme wealth disparity otherwise our elites would not be able to waste their money on awesome ideas like auto-shifting bikes, a 3rd-way peanut butter, and an app that tracks all your movements for monetizing but also tells you where you parked your car.

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