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Desc:maybe the grossest thing out of 2016
Category:Horror, Stunts
Tags:gross, not worth the views
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Needs 'Library of Congress' tag.

What a masterpiece.
Sexy Duck Cop
At what point did the word "delicacy" come to refer exclusively to gross things poor people eat?
Good question. I've heard that lobster is also such a case in the US. Originally, for the English colonizers and subsequent immigrants, lobster was considered a filthy bottom feeder, was thus not eaten by the men of means and fed to prisoners since it was in abundance in the North East.

Ahh, Cracked has an article: http://www.cracked.com/article_17246_when-lobster-was-spam-5-gourm et-foods-that-used-to-be-cheap.html

We're assuming Cracked is a reputable source, right?

Gulf of Maine Research Institute says similar http://www.gma.org/lobsters/allaboutlobsters/lobsterhistory.html

Same with oysters. Formerly poor-people food, now a fancy food.

The last resort (OK, second-to-last resort) of the Jamestown colonists was to go out and gather oysters at low tide. Oysters being almost everywhere, but looked at as a worthless food source.

His body was only rejecting the purest protein it had ever received. Dude should have cut the maggots with Funyuns.
Spit Spingola
Watched up to the pile of maggots and was all NOPE
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