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Desc:I haven't been able to connect to PoETV since feb 3.
Category:General Station
Tags:fuck this
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Caminante Nocturno
You're in a coma, TeenerTot. You were in an accident and you've been in a coma since the 3rd.

You have to wake up.
Someone noticed that PoeTV's domain name was due to expire soon, and everyone was afraid that it would be allowed to expire (this actually happened to POE News back in the day and the domain got squatted, forcing a domain change). A lot of us worried that this might mean the permanent end of the site, having been spooked by issues that occurred during the period when the site went completely unsupported. The site is now run and supported by the guy who hosts it, Patrick Sanders (usernames pms and pmspoe), who runs POE Hosting, the only other surviving remnant of the Portal of Evil dynasty. He even fixed the registration bug (but not multipart submissions).
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Is that Richard Simmons?
I feel you. My employer blocked POE TV as a 'suspected Chinese malware site' last year.
infinite zest
you mean we aren't?

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