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Gmork - 2017-03-16


Nominal - 2017-03-16

Good morning!

poorwill - 2017-03-17

gmork is so grumpy before he's had his morning coffee

infinite zest - 2017-03-17

Wow.. if I was like 10 years older I would've felt the same way when Bush said "No new taxes". Or remember those commercials for Orange Juice where their slogan was "never touched by human hands" so their competitors showed a bunch of unwashed chimpanzees squeezing oranges.. it's kinda like that.

BiggerJ - 2017-03-17

If I were a virus developer, the belief that They Just Don't Make Viruses For Macs would make me want to develop viruses for Macs. And if a bunch of people were to do that, it's possible that the myth might still endure - forgive me for linking XKCD but https://xkcd.com/1180/

Quad9Damage - 2017-03-17

I remember when I first switched from iPhone to Android, and talking to my family about how much of a better, freer experience it was. They are all exclusively Apple phones and tablets.
ME: "And I can still use the music I bought on iTunes. All I have to do is drag and drop the files to a folder on my phone.
FAMILY: "Yeah, see, but that's too complicated."
ME: "You don't even have to launch iTunes, or deal with it crashing, freezing, erasing the phone first..."
FAMILY: "What's wrong with iTunes?"

Apple enthusiasts - always confusing the inability to do shit with their expensive devices as simplicity.

infinite zest - 2017-03-17

Yeah my mom's the same way about her Mac. Her computer at this point is an 8 year-old $3k iMac that can barely open her email, and downloading apps or music with her iPhone or Pad? Forget about it; the apple ID is different than the iTunes ID and that was years ago.. blah blah blah.. point is for all her iMac and iPad are worth she really doesn't want to take advantage of the bells and whistles, or even the capability, just manage to keep up with what are practically universal givens like checking your email. You could probably figure out a way for a goddamn Apple IIE to check your fucking email..

and yet now she wants a new 2.5-3k iMac, which ostensibly she'll forget to update like her current one, or if she tries get booted off the one time when my dad plugs in his iPhone to charge, thereby associating the computer with HIS apple ID now.. fuck it's giving me a headache. Yet I try to tell her how besides various jobs using XP I've been mint or ubuntu since Win 3.1 and "seriously windows 10 really IS that good and I usually hate Microsoft and plus you can get a top of the line MSI or something for half the price of a Mac.."

Because PCs are too complicated

infinite zest - 2017-03-17

OT but I also switched from iPhone to Galaxy this year, and yeah.. it's still kinda weird to just drag and drop music and files. With iPhone and my last mint OS I just gave up trying and subscribed to Spotify of all things! But one problem I've got is the volume. I have the pretty standard Sony cupped headphones that you see at Walgreens or Bi-Mart, nothing fancy but they're one of the louder ones. Anyway with volume at maximum I can't really hear it much over the bus, traffic, etc. and unless I had some accident I don't remember that really fucked with my hearing, it was way louder with iPhone, to the point where I didn't even have it at Max anymore.

Anybody else have this and try things out? I'm pretty sure the ones in the Play Store are bullshit, and I tried a Dual Speaker mod but that didn't work either and I just kinda forgot about it, but I'd appreciate any suggestions :) I've got a g935p

Monkey Napoleon - 2017-03-17

It's entirely possible you need to root your Galaxy for it them to work, but at least some of those apps aren't bullshit.

When I still had my Galaxy Tab, it had the same problem and Cyanogenmod came with a DSP settings app that fixed it... but that was custom rom running with root.

Samsung is NOTORIOUS for having just about the garbagey-est stock rom of any company that makes android devices.

Quad9Damage - 2017-03-17

Aren't 'viruses' these days just adware or phishing/keylogging apps? Does Apple still think they make AIDS jokes and threaten to encrypt your hard drive if you don't answer trivia questions?

SolRo - 2017-03-17

Uhh, ransomware is pretty popular these days, and OS X has a pretty good one for it

Potrod - 2017-03-17

Drive encrypting ransomware is one of the few actual pieces of malware I've encountered in the wild over the past couple years.

Gmork - 2017-03-17

Nobody has ever thought that, and you are stupid for thinking they did.

StanleyPain - 2017-03-17

Yet, the app store is a Wild West of almost completely unmoderated garbage where even the most innocuous apps are constantly violating not only Apples own TOS for what they access on your devices but, in some cases, actual laws.
Not to mention the outright massive trademark and copyright fraud that is part and parcel of the service (with apps and games being wholly stolen and resold by mostly Chinese and Russian devs) attempting to trick people into installing their crap which usually has single-click buttons in the interface that charge your account micropayments.

Oscar Wildcat - 2017-03-17

Trick answer: the OS itself is a virus. Only a drive wipe and linux install will cure it.

Killer Joe - 2017-03-17

On my laptop I once got a notice from the FBI that I had to call a phone number and pay a fine or they'd arrest me for illegal internet-ing! I know where I'm saving all my horror-porn from now on!

infinite zest - 2017-03-17

I've never owned a mac, only an iPhone, so I might be a little off, but the "no virus" thing seems to stem from the fact that all your purchases, downloads and uploads will be done "in house" so to speak, since jailbreaking your phone or tablet so you can download regular files off the internets voids the warranty.

And I guess that's ok for a phone, or even a tablet, and it's not like Microsoft doesn't recommend you buy games from the Microsoft Store instead of Steam or elsewhere, but if I want to download a TV show from a torrent website and get a virus that way, does Apple take the same laissez faire approach and act like those websites void the warranty?

infinite zest - 2017-03-17

(umm.. for a MacBook/iMac I mean)

SolRo - 2017-03-17

None of that is accurate.

infinite zest - 2017-03-17

How so? I had an iPhone and couldn't just download an mp3 or a zip file or anything else not from iTunes or Apple Store, so I are they assuming that Mac CPU users will do the same and not download from or visit untrusted sites?

Potrod - 2017-03-17

Macs do have a security setting enabled by default that prevents you from installing non-app store programs. It's easy enough to get around (far easier than jailbreaking, you can either disable it in system preferences or just right-click>Open With>(installer)) but probably enough to stop many mac users from bothering with it.

infinite zest - 2017-03-17

Actually come to think of it, my Samsung has that too. It's more lax, since they advertise emulators, and obviously not the roms themselves, but I couldn't get pirated copies of full versions of Pinball Arcade or any other paid app to work until I deselected whatever I deselected. But.. I think I was prompted and asked if I'd like to do so; I'm assuming Macs don't make it so clear.

Potrod - 2017-03-17

5-10 years ago, viruses and malware were a major headache. I deal with the dumbest most gullible users imaginable and I feel like there's been a 90% decrease in major malware since then, for whatever reason, and most of what you do get can be cleaned up easily enough with MalwareBytes.

Raggamuffin - 2017-03-17

You'll never have to ask if someone hates apple products.

Gmork - 2017-03-17

I don't, but then again I'm not an elitist fucktard like a lot of people I see here. I use multiple platforms for multiple things.

SolRo - 2017-03-17

Keep on being stupid gmork.

This is obviously a 'Pc master race' post, and has nothing to do with apples idiotic deceitful advertising.

You are a special snowflake for using multiple brand devices, no one else does that! You're so original and unique!

Nominal - 2017-03-18

Nah, Apple products and fans are the absolute worst. Their "charge you the price of a brand new device for the simplest of repairs so why don't you just buy a brand new device?" practice alone swore me off of ever buying one of their products again.

and nothing will get you more scorn and dirty looks than showing up to a gig/gathering in a "creative" field with a PC lap top. Expect maximum passive aggression from black berets when that happens.

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