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Desc:suddenly doesn't seem quite as important.
Category:General Station, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:DBZ, Dragon Ball Z, Team Four Star
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Comment count is 4
It seems like DBZ Abridged is pulled every time YouTube is having a major PR crisis.
Is Youtube too big to fail? I'm hoping they go the way of myspace to make room for a service that isn't quite so retarded with copyright takedowns.

They're honesty pretty terrible at what they do but they're probably not going anywhere at this point. But maybe the recent news of advertisers pulling out of the service over hate speech videos could at least get them to put some effort into raising the quality of what they offer. If they can develop a hyper-sensitive algorithm that auto-bans any video with Goku or Mickey Mouse in it, they can figure out a way to stop profiting from Neo-Nazi vids.

Both copyright takedowns and the demonetization are plaguing youtube users. I hope some of their rivals such as vid.me or dailymotion pick up the slack. Youtube needs some competition.

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