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Desc:Skip to 9:34 RIGHT NOW (then go back and watch it all).
Category:Educational, Sports
Tags:90s, abstinence, STD, dope ass beat, faith based education
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Comment count is 13

Guess masturbation's off the table as well.
Wow with graphics and sound fx like that, who would consider sex?
infinite zest
I remember this from high school and it must've done the trick because I didn't get laid once either.
The Mothership
child support, yo.
Maggot Brain
Isn't the "s" word shit? S-H-I-T!
I just had a long day and am very tired and I swear I thought the title said Atheists for Abstinence and was so very, VERY confused.
So what happened at 9:34?
Go to 9:47 for the real action.

9:35-9:45 part about how, despite all conventional wisdom, AIDS can happen to THE MOST POPULAR PEOPLE not just the homosexuals, so it is a real problem.

I thought she said "homosexuals and the hypes" and my first thought was "Wow, she's going to specifically mention IV drugs as a risk?!"

Hand held dutch angle on everything makes me want to watch this all of the time.
I remember thinking in the early aughts "You know, there really wasn't a signature 90's style. Not like there was for the 80's."

Oh how very wrong I was.
John Holmes Motherfucker
Kids shouldn't be having sex while they're still in high school, but will this stop them? Probably not, but I doubt if I have any better ideas.
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