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Category:Video Games, Stunts
Tags:Fist of the North Star, PS1, WTF Japan
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Comment count is 6
I would play this game.

Also, is there a "twirling towards freedom" tag?
Actually still looks really good, especially for a PS1 game.

Also, in engine cut scene! Not many of these back then, or ones that look this good. Corruption or not, this is an achievement.
infinite zest
A lot of those little Net Yaroze games look better than some actual playstation 2 games. Just like the Amiga, I doubt we've seen everything the PS1 can do and won't for decades to come.

MacGyver Style Bomb
Not to ruin the fun, but it's pretty obvious that this is being emulated on a modern PC.

Windmilling their heads like a death metal band.
infinite zest
"...you're already Dead."

"!!! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE.. WHAAA.." (splat)

"yeah dude your head's been spinning off your body for like 5 minutes. I kinda thought you knew."
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