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Desc:'Oh dear god'
Category:Sports, Stunts
Tags:Racing, rally, Also his balls are huge, Ari Vatanen
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Comment count is 4

I've never been big on automobiles and racing, but rally racing speaks to me for some reason.

It seems to be more actual racing, not controlled conditions with super machines, but given an actual real world road and knowing and pushing the vehicle to the limits in that. There are far more unknowns to risk and being able to very rapidly adapt to that.

I've always wanted to try it, but I feel I'd most likely die.
2:07 Still upper lip, old boy.
According to the YouTube people, the front left tire punctured from that and he completes the rest of that on three tires.


Yeah. At 2:26 his co-driver mentions the puncture. If it weren't for that Vatanen would have been much faster through the hairpins.

I'm surprised the drivers name isn't linked on PoeTV actually. He's the same guy in the Pikes Peak Hillclimb film.

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