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Desc:Into and out of the mouths of babes
Category:Educational, Nature & Places
Tags:kids, snacks, foie gras, reactions
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Comment count is 11
i can't stand watching kids have opinions.
Sounds like everything is going really well for you. YOU are the smart one.

I'm with crasspm. I really don't like kids.

I think the kids are adorable but this is some blatant clickbait shit.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Yes. What is this doing here? This is the ubiquitous type of shit that clickhole make weird parodies of.

At least it's not a Fine Brothers video. So an extra star for that.

Kids are the worst. Especially spoiled brats devoid of perspective.

infinite zest
I enjoyed being an Uncle in the time I was married. None of the responsibility and everything you do is cooler than dad, so I got him into a lot of Goodnight Moon and Goldenbooks before mom and dad stuck him in front of anything with a CGI creature and called it good for the evening.

"I danced once but I hated it"

I get you kid. I get you.
Sexy Duck Cop
What the hell does "from different decades" even mean?
infinite zest
I think it's just recreations of the sort of snacks people might think to bring to a superbowl party, like a generic "pita chips and hummus" template and how it's changed to, surprise, chips and some sort of storebought dip. Try getting a time machine and bringing babaganoush to a New England Patriots party circa 2002 and you'll get the same reactions from grown-ass adults as these kids have.

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